RSGCBHL traditions emphasize Commitment, Teamwork, Participation, and Sportsmanship (and occasional bragging rights in the hallway)

These simple, straight forward rules exist for the benefit of the entire league - its participants and fans.

Club Affiliation.

  1. A trade may occur if the Captains of two teams agree to it. The trade must first be passed through the league office and approved by the commissioners and a witness. Players have no right to a no-trade clause, however their Captain will contact them if a situation arrives. The trade deadline is Monday, Jan. 13th at midnight. in the best interest of league parity and player satisfaction.
  2. A player may come out of retirement and rejoin his club only if there is room (maximum 14 players per club)

Games. All calls are at the discretion of the referee...

  1. A player missing more than 4 games will be required to withdraw from the league.
  2. To be eligible to play in a game after school, players must attend at least one full class that day.
  3. The referee has the authority to issue penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct during games.
  4. Sticks are to remain below the waist at all times (games, warmups and sidelines). Repeated violations may result in the awarding of a penalty shot.
  5. No slapshots. The referee will decide if a slaphsot has been taken, at which point possession will be awarded to the opposing team from the point of the infraction.
  6. Jerseys and RSGC-issued/approved hockey helmets with full cages MUST be worn by all players while in play.
  7. Where a visible goal crease is present, no player other than the goalie may enter the crease. Possession will be awarded to the non-offending team.
  8. Players must play a minimum of 9 games (at least half the season) to be eligible for post-season play.
  9. Foul language is NOT tolerated and may result in a game misconduct.
  10. Respect will be shown for Junior students, parents, cars, and all others who use the tarmac.
  11. a) If a player touches a ball with a hand or foot in attempt to control or direct the ball and it goes in the net, the goal shall be disallowed. Whether the player tries to put the ball down or kick it to a teammate does not matter as he is still attempting to direct or contact the ball in some way.
    b) If the ball contacts the player and goes in the net without that player making any attempt to contact the ball, it shall be ruled a goal.
  12. Fan seating is on a first-come, first-served, basis. Players are asked to limit the number of friends and relatives to four per game.


  1. Playoff format involves two semi-final match-ups followed by the Love Cup Championship.
  2. Semi-Final match-ups are decided as follows:
  3. Each semi-final match-up exists as a best of three series:
  4. Game one and Game two are played as normal 40 minute games. If tied at end of regulation a 5 minute sudden death overtime period will be played. If still tied after the overtime, the game will be decided by shootout.
  5. Game three notes:
  6. The Love Cup Championship is a best of three series between the winner of each semi-final.