Congratulations to the Roughnecks!

2016/2017 Love Cup Champions!


Tues., Feb. 7 Hitmen Choice 8-1 Sennecke
Wed., Feb. 8 Steamers Roughnecks 3-4  
Mon., Feb. 13 Choice Hitmen 2-4 JSS
Tues., Feb. 14 Roughnecks Steamers 4-3 Turnbull
Wed., Feb. 15 Roughnecks Hitmen 2-4 Kelly
Tues., Feb. 21 Hitmen Roughnecks 3-4 Gross
Wed., Feb. 22 Roughnecks Hitmen 3-2 -


Love Cup History
2016/2017 Roughnecks DEF Hitmen
2015/2016 Steamers DEF Choice
2014/2015 Choice DEF Steamers
2013/2014 Steamers DEF Choice
2012/2013 Hitmen DEF Roughnecks
2011/2012 Steamers DEF Roughnecks
2010/2011 Steamers DEF Choice
2009/2010 Steamers DEF Choice
2008/2009 Roughnecks DEF Choice
2007/2008 Hitmen DEF Roughnecks
2006/2007 Hitmen DEF Choice
2005/2006 Hitmen DEF Choice
2004/2005 Hitmen DEF Steamers
2003/2004 Steamers DEF Choice
2002/2003 Hitmen DEF Steamers
Mon., Feb 6

Steamers 3 vs  Choice 0 Irwin channels the Pats and and stages a late comeback in the points race!
Report by: Mr. Rankin

It’s almost eerie how the Steamer’s Irwin nets a goal in the dying seconds of the final regular season game, to tie the Hitmen’s JSS atop the standings at 28 points. Even the Steamer and Hitmen jerseys could pass for Patriots and Falcons jerseys. In a game that didn’t mean much in the standings, it was nice to have that storyline weave its way through the action. And action there was. Most of the game was played with the Steamers in front 1-0, Irwin having slipped one past rookie Choice netminder Sean Connolly, who played his heart out and turned away many a Steamer shot. The rest of Choice played hard as well, bolstered perhaps by being able to field a team (with subs even!) for the first time in a few games. Sadly for ‘Fierce’ Felix and his boys, Hudson stood tall, not letting anything get past him on his way to a shutout. Of note, this game also saw the debut of Mr. Rankin as co-referee. Though he appeared timid on the whistle, this reporter thinks he performed satisfactorily. Today’s ITC features the Steamer’s Sunglassed Stalwart Yanni, who definitely did not just find out what ‘In The Crease’ was seconds before his interview...

That will close out the regular season for 2016-2017. Now we start the road to the Love Cup.

Tomorrow will see the 1st seed Hitmen begin their series against the 4th seed Choice. Tell your friends, we’d love to see you all out there supporting these BHL’ers!

1st Star: Irwin
2nd Star: McDaniel
3rd Star: Connolly

Next game: Tuesday - Hitmen vs. Choice


Wed., Feb 1

Hitmen vs  Choice  Ouch. Hitmen win another one vs Choice via default.
Report by: Mr. Enfield

Well let's hope that is not a real playoff preview. Choice couldn't field a team today for the second straight game versus the intimidating Hitmen. One might suggest they are holding their cards close and loading up a suprise for the playoffs. The only problem is that the two teams already know each other very well and Christoffersen's absence effectively removes him from the playoffs. With another full team practice under their belt, Hitmen will be tough to beat next Tuesday.

Kudos goes out to another fine effort in goal by the league's top goalie, Ethan Kelly. He lent his top defender, Gane, to Choice and had to face an energetic Irwin all game long. JSS could have used the game to pad his season scoring lead, but was happy to further hone his skills in preparation for next week and beyond.

In any case, the playoff matchups are set and Hitmen are ready to go. Who is up to the task?

Next game: Monday - Steamers vs. Choice


Tues., Jan. 31

Roughnecks 5   Steamers 2 
Report by: Mr. Vivares

To paraphrase the Blues Brothers,

“It’s 7 days to the playoffs, both teams have a full tank of gas, half a team each, it’s dark, and Yanni’s wearing sunglasses!”

It must be that time of year when every ball hockey player puts everything on the line as they fight their way to that coveted RSGC Holy Grail known as the Love Cup.  Despite barely making a starting lineup, the Steamers and Roughnecks played a feisty old time, end to end hockey that would have impressed Rocket Richard and (just to appease you Leafs fans!) “Clear the Track for Eddie Shack!”

The Steamers built up a 2-0 lead with goals from “I need an even wider open net!Fisher and Johnny-on-the-Spot Irwin- both goals assisted by Ray-Ban Yanni. This did not sit well with Capt Turnbull, who promptly lead the charge towards the Steamers and Capt Clute, who was the goalie for the day. Roughnecks clawed their way back and eventually took the lead with goals from the Hulk Turnbull, Right Place Right Time Rylan (2 G), High Flying Con Air Connor, and “Drop the Mike” Ryan. It helped that the Vassos Brothers built defensive a wall that would have impressed he who must not be named! The heroics of Hudson and Clute were simply not enough to hold back the Roughnecks tide.

In the end, a W goes to Roughnecks 5-2! See ya in the playoffs, boys!

“Hit it!” (Jake Blues)


1st Star:
2nd Star:
3rd Star:

Next game: Wednesday - Hitmen vs. Choice


Mon., Jan. 30

Hitmen 3   Roughnecks 2 In Mr. Enfield's absence the Hitmen and Roughnecks show up!
Report by: Mr. Rankin

It was Captain Clute and Captain Vivares holding the whistles today as our MVR (That’s Most Valuable Referee for those paying attention) went down with flu-like symptoms.

Right from the get-go it looked like we were going to have a heck of a game. Mr. Fowler put the ‘Necks on the board early and the Hitmen looked to be up against the wall for most of the first half. Of note, the first half saw Rylan Davis playing some amazing defense in the absence of Co-Captains Turnbull and Latimer. Unfortunately for the Roughnecks, no amount of defense could keep the Big Red Machine off the scoreboard, and in true Hitmen fashion, key saves by Kelly and goals by Hepner the Younger, Hepner the Elder and JSS pushed the Hitmen out to a 3-1 lead. A late goal by Davis brought the game close, but with only 30 seconds left on the clock, it was too little too late. Though held held off the score sheet today, Mr. Furnish was an absolute beast on the Tarmac, playing his way to the first star selection. With the absence of our fearless leader today, we all had to pick up the slack a little bit. Thanks to Mr. Irwin for setting up the opening face-off, thanks to Capt. V for manning the whistle and to Commissioner Clute for taking over the ITC duties. Look for Owen’s interview with Rylan to get posted in the coming days. No rest for the Roughnecks as they hit the Tarmac tomorrow for their last game of the regular season.

1st Star: Furnish
2nd Star: Vassos
3rd Star: Davis

Next game: Tuesday - Steamers vs. Roughnecks


Wed., Jan. 25

Hitmen 5   Choice 4 The Red Machine vs. the White Knights
Report by: Mr. Vavares

The hopeful sun that momentarily tried to peak through the clouds this afternoon seemed to be the sign of what was to become for these two undermanned teams; undeterred and determined to conquer the dark clouds.

With a little creativity, both teams were able to field a team but with a change in goalies; Capt Kelly played for Choice and Capt Clute volunteered for Hitmen.

Choice’s Sir George bolted out from the gates with what is now the fastest goal in RSGCBHL history. Not long after that, Sir Beatty sent a shot cannonading into Hitmen’s net. But Jamie would have none of that. With pin-point passing, he, Alex, Matthew (“just call me Ovechkin”), and Daniel (“I don’t play goal! Really!”) dipsy doodled their way through Choice’s defense. The Red Machine would take the lead 5-3 into the last 5 minutes of the game. Choice kept fighting back though with Felix finally scoring in the final minute of the game. In the end, the Red Machine prevailed 5-4.

This was a game of heart and determination that would have resulted in more goals if not for the goaltending heroics of Captains Kelly and Clute, and the defensive hustle of “Not-In-my-houseDarvasi. Nelly would have been proud!

1st Star:
2nd Star:
3rd Star:

Next game: Monday - Hitmen vs. Roughnecks

No video today.


Tues., Jan. 24

Roughnecks 6  Choice 2 Necks jump over Steamers with convincing win over Choice.
Report by: Mr. Enfield

Choice were a sight for sore eyes from the get go today. Their usual 3:00 scramble to find a goalie was accompanied by a scramble to find a fifth player as well as a set of team jerseys. They managed though and in doing so, made a potential discovery in today's chosen tender, Cyrus Abbot. Peppered early by Roughneck forwards, Abbot held his own and kept his team within three by end of the first half. Abbot earned today's thrid star.

The niner-rich Roughnecks were hungry though today. Turnbull and Latimer are well-aware of the standings and know what a win would do to the slumping Steamers. No mercy was shown to the jersey-less Choice squad today. Davis played a familiar role of "finisher" versus Darvasi and Sennecke who succombed to Davis's nifty stick skills.

It was not all Davis though today. Much more impressive is the full team effort today. Nick Vassos has been a fourth game star several times this season earned star number two due to his pest-like pressence all over the tarmac. Gross was a contant scoring threat and Von Teichman added another to his season total.

Roughneck fan are happy today as they will end the week in second place.

1st Star: Davis
2nd Star: N. Vassos
3rd Star: Abbot

Next game: Wednesday - Hitmen vs. Choice


Mon., Jan. 23

Hitmen 6  Steamers 1 Red hot Hitmen out-play Steamer tenacity.
Report by: Mr. Enfield

Kelly's Hitmen take over first place with a convincing victory over a gasping Steamer squad. Recently there has been a lot of praise directed at Kelly and his favorite protectors. Today thie big red wall kept the Steamers off the scorboard for the first three quarters of play and kept Irwin, the league's top scorer, off the scoresheet completely.

Big Hepner behaved himself today. Even so, Steamers weren't appreciative of his manners. Hepner used his stick to score goals and had one lovely feed to his twin brother who guided home a beauty. Offensively the Hitmen are fun to watch and impossible to stop right now. They are finding the open man and everyone is a scoring threat. Even Gane had an assist today.

The two halves were two stories completely. First half was all Hitmen. The second half was infused with a yelling and lead-by-example Owen Clute. His goal and his leadership transformed the Steamers into a forechecking, tenacious nightmare. That sort of energy was tough to maintain though and Kelly was up for the challenge. The highlight of the game was a rare, but golden opportunity in the slot for Clute. His would-be snipe found the mesh in Kelly's glove leaving Clute staring at the tarmac in silent disbelief.

Commisioner vs Commisioner. This round goes to Kelly.

1st Star: Kelly
2nd Star: Hepner
3rd Star: Stephenson-Smith

Next game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs. Choice


Wed., Jan. 18

Hitmen 3  Choice 2 St. George vs the Red Dragon.
Report by: Mr. Vivares

With both teams hurting from missing players, some innovation had to be done. Enter St George Butterworth, today’s goalie of Choice and the wannabe slayer of the mighty Red Dragon. With cat-like reflexes, he held his ground against the onslaught from the likes of Alex and Will Hepner. Time and time again, George flashed his glove, threw his body, and stymied the Big Red Machine.

Choice drew first blood after a relentless attack from Sean, Rupert, Felix and Seb. And if it were not for the solid goaltending of Capt Kelly, things could have gotten worse for the Red Machine.

But don’t ever count the Hitmen out- after all, they did win all those Love Cups! With good positioning, crisp passing and sheer tenacity (I’m talking about you too, Luke!), the Hitmen quickly chipped away Choice’s lead in the first few minutes of the second half of the game, all thanks to Alex and Matthew.

Kudos (again!) to Hitmen’s solid defensive line of Sensei and Finn.

Sorry, Mr. Darvasi, it just wasn’t meant to be today. In the words of the Notorious B.I.G, “It was all a dream.”

1st Star: Furnish
2nd Star: Miller
3rd Star: Butterworth

Next game: Monday - Steamers vs. Hitmen


Tues., Jan. 17

Roughnecks 4  Steamers 3 Time to show the Roughnecks some love in the game summary.
Report by: Mr. Rankin

You’d have to be insane to bet against this Roughnecks team. That being said, I may have mentioned in passing that I thought the Steamers would win today’s game. A confident Turnbull made me promise to show the ‘Necks some love in the write up, because they were going to come away with the W. So here goes...

One day removed from an 7-1 shellacking, the Roughnecks turn in one of the best games I’ve seen from them in 4 years, and against the league’s top team no less. The ‘Necks were strong whistle to whistle, and jumped out to an early 4-1 lead. The game saw an absolute stunner of a breakaway goal by Rylan Davis, and one of the prettiest, tape-to-tape stretch passes I’ve ever seen when Gross fed von Teichman, who fed the back of the net. On the Steamers’ side, Mr. Fitz had a strong outing with two ‘Fitz Fireballs’ (patent pending) finding their way past Michael ‘the Cat’ Vassos, who otherwise turned away shot after shot, keeping his team in front while earning the game’s second star. A late goal by Captain Clute pulled the Steamers within one, but with only 5 seconds on the clock, the comeback was not to be. Lost in the shuffle today was the play by McDaniel, who must have turned away 10 shots from Davis alone,and who was a fixture in the Steamers’ end. A big shoutout to Ben Dreger who sacrificed the body to block a shot and found out just how hard the ball hockey balls can get in cold weather. In a game where Captain Turnbull was preaching fun, it certainly looked like the Roughnecks had fun out there today.

This Roughnecs win coupled with the Hitmen win from yesterday has made things very interesting atop the RSGCBHL standings. With three weeks of regular season action still to come, we could see the battle for the first overall seed come down to the wire.

See you tomorrow when the Hitmen face off against Choice!

1st Star: Gross
2nd Star: M Vassos
3rd Star: Davis

Next game: Wednesday - Choice vs. Hitmen



Mon., Jan. 16

Hitmen 7  Roughnecks 1 Hitmen make a statement!
Report by: Mr. Enfield

Kelly's squad is pumping on all cylinders and the rest of the league ought to take notice. With a committed core group of players, Hitmen offense and defense seem able to communicate without talking and connect passes without looking. Today featured a heavy dose of Alex Hepner who has to be one of the scarriest shooters in the league. His hat trick and leadership in the offensive zone earned him first game star.

Hidden behid the shine of Hitmen scoring talent is quite likely the top defense in the league. Undeterred by the added energy of Turnbull's return, Furnish played a dominant role today. Tenacious behind Kelly, confident in his break-outs, and a major scoring threat, Furnish was a major headache for Roughnecks.

Things change quickly in the BHL. Despite the lop-sided battle today these teams are tied for second place and, as we know, everyone makes the playoffs.

1st Star: A Hepner
2nd Star: Furnish
3rd Star: Kelly

Next game: Tuesday - Steamers vs. Roughnecks

ITC: Luke Conrod


Wed., Jan. 11

Hitmen 3  Steamers 2 Round three goes to Hitmen!
Report by: Mr. Vivares

Another typical Steamers vs. Hitmen game; solid goaltending, smart defense, and plenty of hustle from both sides. As predicated by those officiating, it was a close game.

 Johnny-on the Spot Irwin had many opportunities but his stick- handling skills were neutralized by the dynamic defensive duo of Finn and Sensei Miller, and their unsung teammate, the GMC SUV. And whatever shots that go through from the Steamers were turned away by Ethan Not-in-my House Kelly.

The ever dangerous Alex Hepner out-muscled his way to scoring 2 goals with Jamie also putting one in past Hudson (who played solidly!), that proved to be the game winner.

Kudos to the Steamers who, under the leadership of Capt Clute, kept up the pressure, until the final whistle. Mr. Fitz made it close with a goal in the last two minutes but it simply was not enough.

1st Star: Jamie Stephenson-Smith
2nd Star: Finn Gane
3rd Star: Ethan Kelly

Next game: Monday - Hitmen vs. Roughnecks


Tues., Jan. 10

Steamers 8  Choice 4Steamers open 2017 with a strong outing in treacherous conditions.
Report by: Mr. Rankin

When I think RSGCBHL, I think about days like this. Snow flying from sticks, players sliding across the Tarmac in wet running shoes because nobody wears boots, and at least two players wearing shorts because… Hey, it’s only January!

The game started with the Steamers netting four quick goals including a natural Hat Trick by Mr Fitz who definitely looked the part and found himself living his ‘right time, right place’ mantra. Choice came back though and ended up keeping the game close until the end, thanks in part to Nick Christoffersen who continues to light up the score sheets, taking home the third star today. Ultimately the Steamers were too much for choice, and Irwin put the game away picking up a Hat Trick of his own. Quote of the day belongs to Mr Fisher who adorably noted, “it was sooo slippy out there.” Despite the conditions, each side had no shortage of scoring opportunities. In fact, those dedicated enough to be on the sidelines today witnessed two beauty goals. One was a nice fastbreak goal by “PinballIrwin who was bouncing all over the place as usual. The other came from a composed Christoffersen, who held the ball just long enough for McDaniel (making his return between the pipes) to make the first move before netting a top-shelfer, short side. Big shout out to Captain Sennecke for fighting through a lower body injury that occurred in early in the second half. Fan of the day honours belong to Quinn Fitzpatrick who stuck out the less than stellar conditions and made sure Mr Rankin was fast with the scoreboard updates!

Next up the Steamers should have their hands full with the surging Hitmen. See you on the Tarmac!

1st Star: Irwin
2nd Star: Fitzpatrick
3rd Star: Chrisoffersen

Next game: Wednesday - Steamers vs. Hitmen


Tues. Dec. 20, 2016


Legends, Immortals, Wannabes


Wannabes Roster
Aidan Turnbull (C) Ethan Kelly (G)
Owen Clute Thomas Latimer
Felix Sennecke Rylan Davis
Jeffrey Irwin Ryan Gross
Jamie SS Alex Hepner
Finlay Gane Liam Watson
Matt Anderson Sean Connelly
Connor Von Teichman Scott Blackwell
Mon., Dec. 19

Roughnecks 1  Steamers 0  Wow! Grade nines come through in double shutout!
Report by: Mr. Enfield

The enormous white Buick was an effective third defenseman for both teams today. The sheet of ice covering the entire tarmac served as the fourth. Vassos and MacIntosh tooke care of the rest in what was the first double shut out since 1989.

The game ended with an exciting six-round shootout. Shootout goals were scored by Von Teichman, Watson and the winner was netted by today's first star, Mr. Fowler. It is his second shootout point in as many seasons - rare for a teacher!

Those Roughneck grade nines were everywhere today. Gross was his fiesty self andhe delighted fans with a full out horizontal dive into the snow bank during the first half just to maintain possession. Crazy maneuvers like that were needed to counteract intimidation efforts by Clute and Knevevic. Those two maniacs were wearing shorts. Yikes!

Vassos was the Roughneck acting captain today and he led by example. Steamers got a high dose of shut-the-door all day long leaving hot-shots like Irwin eating road salt. Great way to end 2016!

The next regular season battle will be in 2017 so rest up and put some ice on those leg welts!

1st Star: Fowler
2nd Star: Vassos
3rd Star: MacIntosh

Next game: Tuesday - Legends vs. Wannabes


Wed., Dec. 14

Hitmen 4  Choice 1  Hitmen are 2 and 0 in the snow!
Report by: Mr. Rankin

When he’s not slinging catchphrases like the one above, Ethan Kelly is busy turning away everything shot at him. Fresh off his shutout last game, Kelly only let a ‘Butterworth Blast’ ‘Reed Rifle’ (patent also pending) beat him early in the first half as Choice jumped out to a 1-0 lead. From there on he turned away shot after shot, many coming hard and fast from Felix ‘Freight Train’ Sennecke. I have no clue what position Sennecke was playing today, because he was absolutely everywhere, and he had to be as Choice were playing with a one man bench. In fact, kudos to all the Hitmen and Choice players that came out to brave what was by far the coldest game of the year. One might say the weather was as cold as the icy stare you get from Mr. Donnelly when you tell him you’re leaving the Senior Hockey Team for the RSGCBHL.

Almost lost in the advisee-on-advisee action of Sennecke vs. Kelly was the play of grade 11 rookie sensation Jamie Stephenson-Smith. JSS managed to fire in another 3 goals on the way to the 4-1 Hitmen win, and with a first star selection today, vaulted into a tie atop the Commissioner's Cup standings.

That’ll do it this week, and we should count ourselves lucky to not have a game tomorrow, as it’s supposed to be even colder than today! Only one league game next week as Monday, the Steamers and Roughnecks play us into the Holiday break. We do encourage everyone to come out Tuesday after school, grab a Hot Chocolate, and watch our RSGCBHL Wannabes All-Star team put their skills on display against the Alumni Legends and Immortals of the Tarmac.


1st Star: Stephenson-Smith
2nd Star: Kelly
3rd Star: Sennecke

Next game: Monday - Steamers vs. Roughnecks

Coming soon: ITC with Ethan Kelly


Tues., Dec. 13

Choice 4  Roughnecks 2  Choice get first W!
Report by: Mr. Enfield

New goalie, new game plan. With time running out in 2016, Choice finally made it happen today and handed Necks a painful second straight loss. Clearly pumped up from his recent appointment to the Wannabe's roster, Sean Connelly was on his game.After being burned by a give-away in the first half, the rookie took control. In his ITC interview Connelly revealed his plan to maintain ball control and push possession into the offensive zone.

Led by bench-boss, Aidan Turnbull, and captain Latimer, the Necks looked strong on route to a 2-2 tie at the break. Latimer and Gross are starting to gel as we saw from a lovely stretch pass from Gross leading to a stellar breakaway goal by Latimer. With the help of some big saves from The Cat, Necks appeared to have things under control at the break.

The second half was a different story. Sennecke was frustrated by the under-paid and over-worked referee duo but realized a better response was to score goals. His top shelf goal in the second half broke the Roughneck spirit and sealed the deal. First to seemingly every ball and diving in every snow bank, Choice was the more determined squad today. Kudos to Butterworth for a brilliant offensive performance. He was today's first game star.

Great to see Choice back in the mix!

1st Star: Butterworth
2nd Star: Connelly
3rd Star: Gross

Next game: Wednesday - Hitmen vs. Choice


Mon., Dec. 12

Hitmen 4  Roughnecks 0  Hitmen D take control.
Report by: Mr. Enfield

It would be easy to blame the snow on the Roughneck goose egg today, but I blame the Hitmen. The unstoppable Rylan Davis was silenced today by a defense not seen since the Big Red Machine of '08. Ferocious Finn Gane squared off against the talented Roughneck scorers all day long. Quite simply, Gane won every battle. Hoffer did his best to introduce grade nine Necks to the famous tarmac snowbanks and, well, Kelly took care of the rest. With his second shutout of the season, he has Legends paying close attention.

In the opposing crease was veteran goalie, Michael Vassos. The Cat was on his game today making series of saves versus the hungry Hitmen Hepner-fuelled attack. At the end of half number one: 2-0 and still up for grabs.

It the second half the Necks just couldn't penetrate the zone. Furnish was effective in stopping rushes then starting his own. He and Stephenson-Smith combined for two and that was all it took. After a frustrating effort last week, Stephenson-Smith came through with four total points today and the game's first star.

1st Star: Stephenson-Smith
2nd Star: Kelly
3rd Star: Vassos

Next game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs. Choice


Wed., Dec. 7

Steamers 4  Choice 2  "George, I think we're gonna need a bigger net..."
Report by: Mr. Vivares

Choice started the game without their speedy Nick C. No matter. The Dynamic Duo of Felix S (1G) and George B (1G) took charge of their team once again, and relied on their great passing game- which, for the most part, resulted in many scoring chances. Now if only they could score. It didn’t help that Hudson M was also up to the challenge with many timely saves. Solid Seb, on the other hand, was also equally brilliant with movements that frustrated the Steamers.

2-2 at the end of the half.

The second half saw the same tight game that we are used to seeing from both teams; quiet steady defense from Matt A, great hustle and great reading of the ball from Felix S, Sean C (1A), and Euan M (1G). It would only be a matter of time though when the relentless Capt Clute would rally his Steamers to capitalize on Choice's risky maneuvers and score 2 goals to take a 4-2 lead into the dying minutes of the game. Credit Choice for never giving up and Scott B for taking over an injured Hudson.

And Johnny-on-the-Spot Irwin? Well, he scored 3 goals.

1st Star: Irwin
2nd Star: McDaniel
3rd Star: Butterworth

Next game: Monday - Roughnecks vs. Hitmen


Tues., Dec. 6

Roughnecks 6  Choice 2  It's not Tuesday, it's "Cheeseday"!
Report by: Mr. Vivares

The start of this game saw two different attacking styles that resulted in a very tight first half. Choice had its pin-point passing from George (1G/1A), Felix, (1G/1A), and the lightning speed of Nick C. Roughnecks had Fast Break Rylan (3G/3A) with charging Thomas and Connor (2G) right up there with him. Choice had many chances but just couldn’t put the ball at the back of the net. And though Rylan had his opportunities, he, too, was stymied by a solid Choice defense.

Shout-outs must go to Michael the Cat Vassos for his goaltending heroics and rookie goaltender Seb for some solid glove saves.

But it was just a matter of time when Rylan would show his skills when he deftly stickhandled his way through the Choice defense to score in the first 10 seconds of the second half! The wheels of Choice's wagon came off and Roughnecks would score 5 unanswered goals before George B would score one back for Choice.

Final shout-outs go to ALL the Grade 9s for grit and determination, especially Ryan G (1G), and Cyrus A for his offensive and defensive runs.

1st Star: Davis
2nd Star:M. Vassos
3rd Star: Von Teichman

Next game: Wednesday - Roughnecks vs. Choice


Mon., Dec. 5

Steamers 2  Hitmen 0  Battle of the net-minders goes to Steamers.
Report by: Mr. Enfield

The game which featured two high paced offenses and considerable scoring talent somehow yielded a total of two goals. Credit McDaniel and Kelly who battled each other from across the tarmac in a goal-tending showdown not seen since the glory days of a young Mr. V. Stepenson-Smith, who seemingly plays forward and defense, had numberous chances including a clear breakaway nearing the end of the first half. McDaniel stood tall amongst it all. If McDaniel were Santa, his number one elf was Blackwell. The speedy Steamer defensman quarterbacked rushes and came to McDaniel's rescue too many times to count.

Meanwhile Steamers were attacking but coming up empty. Not known for being shy, Irwin and Fitz introduced themselves to Kelly multiple times throughout the game, yet without even a rebound to show for it. Not until four minutes remaining did Irwin find the twine in what was the game-deciding moment. Clute tacked on an insurance goal but his biggest play was a timeout call which appeared to set the stage for Irwin's game winner.

See you on the tarmac!

1st Star: McDaniel
2nd Star:Kelly
3rd Star: Irwin

Next game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs. Choice


Wed., Nov. 30

Hitmen 7  Choice 4  Hitmen hold off a charging Choice team for their first win of the year.
Report by: Mr. Rankin

This was really a story of two games. Choice came out of the gate flat in the first half, and the Hitmen capitalized with Alex Hepner and Jaime Stephenson-Smith combining for five first half goals, including a nice Hepner-to-Hepner scoring play. The Hitmen would go on to win the half 6-3. A couple bright spots for Choice included two goals by rookie sensation Nick Christoffersen, and a ‘Sennecke Snipe’ (patent pending), that went top shelf, and could only be attributed to a fantastic stick acquisition this year. Yes, whoever bequeathed him that stick deserves a measure of credit. Then the second half started. Whether it was something said in the halftime huddle, or the return of Mr. Darvasi’s booming voice that was suspiciously absent in the first half, Choice responded. They peppered Ethan Kelly with shot after shot, but only Cyrus Abbott managed to slip one in the net. Unfortunately for Choice, a late goal from Alex Hepner, took the wind out of their sails. The big positive here was the complete turnaround that Choice made. Playing like a team possessed, the ball rarely left the Hitmen end. Things are looking promising for both teams heading into next week. Of note, today marked the return of Mr. Beatty for Choice, who has been sidelined for the better part of a year with an undisclosed upper body injury. The game also showcased two amazing breakfalls by Sensei Miller and Cyrus Abbott who seem to be advocating for the RSGC Judo program.

That’ll end an amazing week on the tarmac, we pick up Monday with aHitmen- Steamers rematch that marks our first December game of the year!

1st Star: Hepner
2nd Star: Christoffersen
3rd Star: Kelly

Next game: Monday - Steamers vs. Hitmen

Tues., Nov. 29

Roughnecks 8  Choice 4  Roughecks redeem themselves with big win over Choice.
Report by: Mr. Rankin

After the shellacking that the ‘Necks took yesterday, today has got to feel good for the men in black.

The game was close after the first half, and with both teams seemingly scoring at will, it looked like we were in for a long afternoon. But then, something appeared to change after the half-time huddles and the Roughnecks ended up pulling away, easily coasting to a four goal lead. Of note, today saw the return of Captain Turnbull in a very different role than he envisioned. Having broken his arm last week, Turnbull must now settle for a coaching role, a role to which he’s well-suited, but not relishing. Once again, the familiar combination of top-down leadership from Turnbull and Latimer, and six points from the grade 9 ‘Necks crew had a lot to do with the outcome today. However, arguably the biggest story of the game was the Davis-Sennecke battle that raged up and down the Tarmac (but mostly in the Choice end). Were it not for the play of Felix Sennecke and some key saves by Hugo Reed (who Davis admits has a history of stoning him), Davis could have poured in more than the two goals he did, and the score could have been much worse for Choice. There’s not much time for Choice to figure out what went wrong as they’re back on the Tarmac tomorrow looking to do battle with the equally winless Hitmen in a game that I’m pretty sure will give one team their first win of the year.

1st Star: Davis
2nd Star: Sennicke
3rd Star: Latimer

Next game: Wednesday - Choice vs. Hitmen

Mon., Nov. 28

Steamers 13  Roughnecks 3  Steamers make a statement in convincing victory.
Report by: Mr. Enfield

The Steamers more or less destroyed the Roughneck game plan in a stunning early-season blowout. In the time it took Jon Fisher to re-fasten is tiny helmet, Clute and Irwin combined for four quick goals. The busy Roughneck net minder faced a barrage of shots from a Steamer squad that appeared to multiply as soon as they crossed centre. In fact, Fischer and the rest of the Steamer team were very much a part of today’s offensive clinic. It truly was a full team effort.

Today’s first game star went to Captain Clute. Well known for his off-season maneuvers in player acquisition, today’s performance was a reminder that Clute’s biggest asset is his lead-by-example approach. Inspired by his captain’s play was grade nine, Liam Watson, who has fans and opponents taking notice. “Don’t be afraid of anything” was Liam’s jaw-dropping comment when asked about how to handle one’s self when outweighed by 40+ pounds.

Roughnecks cannot blame themselves in this one. In fact, their zone defense held up admirably during intense periods of pressure. Roughnecks high speed offense showed glimpses of glory when Von Teichman and later Captain Latimer scored on fast break opportunities. Furthermore, Davis remains arguably the number one biggest scoring threat in the league. Surely good moments are coming for our Roughnecks.

1st Star: Clute
2nd Star: Watson
3rd Star: Irwin

Next game: Tuesday - Choice vs. Roughnecks

Wed., Nov. 23

Steamers 4  Hitmen 3  McDaniel nets game winner with 5 seconds left!
Report by: Mr. Vivares

The Steamers and Hitmen delivered, what can be said to be, a high octane game this afternoon. Both sides attacked from the very first to the final whistle.

For starters, both goalies are to be commended for keeping their respective teams in the game; Scott Blackwell, playing in his first game as goalie, was quick with his glove and the towering Ethan “No Rebounds” Kelly smothered the ball after each shot.

Speed was the operative word of the day. Jamie Stephenson- Smith and Matthew Furnish streaking up the middle while “Johnny-on-the spot” Irwin and Matt Anderson attacked from the sides. Rookie Liam Watson certainly held his own with some heads-up passing and no fear defense, especially against the always dangerous Alex Hepner. The see-saw battle resulted in a 3-3 tie at halftime.

The intensity did not let up during the second half. As the game progressed, the goalies became more confident and the others more daring. The last 10 minutes was dominated by the Steamers with Captain Clute leading the charge. Despite many scoring opportunities, the Steamers did not manage to put one at the back of the net due to Kelly’s goalkeeping heroics, missed one-timers, uncooperative goal posts, and the defensive spin-o- ramas of Sensei Miller. But you can’t hold off the Steamers forever. In the last 10 seconds, Hudson McDaniel intercepted a Hitmen pass and sent a one-timer whistling over Kelly’s glove. Goal!

It was a game worthy of memory!

1st Star:Stephenson-Smith
2nd Star: McDaniel
3rd Star: Irwin

Next game: Monday - Steamers vs. Roughnecks

Tues., Nov. 22

Roughnecks 7  Steamers 6  (SO) Looks like the rest of the league Gross-ly underestimated the power of the Grade 9 draft class.
Report by: Mr. Rankin

If you were paying attention three weeks ago, you may have noticed that the Roughnecks only drafted Grade 9s this year. A bold move that looks to be paying off as the new players gain Tarmac experience.

One new draft pick in particular played the role of the hero today as Ryan Gross scored the shootout winner. Though the highlight of the game came in the shootout, the entire game showcased the strength of the league with non-stop end-to-end action. At first it looked as if the Roughnecks were going to walk all over the Steamers, notching two quick goals. But the Steamers responded convincingly by putting up six goals of their own; Irwin and Blackwell each netting two apiece. The game looked to be out of reach for the Roughnecks, but their never give up attitude, and leadership from captains Turnbull and Latimer (combining for 4G, 1A) paid off as they stormed back to tie the game with 30 seconds remaining, sending this high intensity game to a shootout. You'd think in a game that boasted 12 combined goals, that goals would be easy to find for both teams in the shootout. Not the case. Both Hudson McDaniel and Michael Vassos stood on their heads turning away shooters until Ryan Gross scored in the 6th round to seal the comeback and the victory for the Roughnecks. The Steamers will look to bounce back tomorrow in a Commissioner vs. Commissioner matchup against the Hitmen.


1st Star:Turnbull
2nd Star: Blackwell
3rd Star: Gross

Next game: Wednesday - Hitmen vs.Steamers

Wed., Nov. 16

Roughnecks 4 Hitmen 2 - Did Turnbull and Latimer just make the Roughnecks great again?
Report by: Mr. Rankin

‘Twas a bitter cold morning last season when news of a trade rocked the RSGCBHL. Turnbull and Clute put together a blockbuster that sent Sharma and Davis to the Roughnecks, in return for Mackintosh, Rau and a first round draft pick. How could the Roughnecks have known, that they had just handed the Steamers this year’s first overall pick, and in Mackintosh, a player that would ultimately score the goal that won the Steamers the Love Cup last year? If you ask Turnbull, it was all a part of his plan. While many critiqued the trade at this year’s draft, Turnbull calmly said “We like to think of Davis as our first overall pick.” Well, Mr. Davis certainly proved his worth today by netting all four of the Roughnecks goals, as they easily handled a Hitmen team that came out of the gate slow. Though late goals by Stephenson-Smith and Alex Hepner pulled the Hitmen close, a strong performance by Michael Vassos between the pipes made sure that the Roughnecks were coming away with the victory. Looking forward to next week, the Roughnecks look to extend their season high win streak against the Steamers in a matchup I’m calling ‘re-trade-bution.’

1st Star:Davis
2nd Star: M. Vassos
3rd Star: Turnbull

Next game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs.Steamers

Tues., Nov. 15

Steamers 6 Choice 2  - Steamers start their road to a repeat with a win over Choice, in a rematch of last year’s Love Cup Final.
Report by: Mr. Rankin

Mr. Darvasi’s voice echoing through the Annex, and backyards full of yellow balls can only mean one thing… ball hockey is back!

A little bit of new and a little bit of old were the keys for the Steamers today. The old came in the form of Captain and Co-Commisioner Owen Clute, who lit up the scoreboard with 5 points, followed a close second by another familiar face, Jeffrey Irwin who tallied 2 goals and 2 assists himself. The new included the debut of top overall pick Hudson McDaniel, who stood tall between the pipes, and Scott Blackwell who was in the running for third star today. All's not lost for Choice who looked better than the score indicated. George Butterworth and Felix Sennecke were flying up and down the Tarmac as usual. We were also witness to an impressive debut by the new Choice draft picks, led by Nick Christoffersen, who scored his first career goal and took home the third star. Looking forward to Wednesday, we will get to take our first look at the new faces of the Hitmen and the Roughnecks as they renew their Tarmac rivalry!

1st Star:Clute
2nd Star:Irwin
3rd Star: Christoffersen

Next game: Wednesday - Roughnecks vs. Hitmen

Wed., Nov. 9

Draft Day! Who won the draft?

Decide for yourself. Check this year's rosters.

Game 1: Tuesday, November 15th - Choice vs. Steamers

Wed., Nov. 9

2016 Draft Day

Get to ketchum early to grab a front row seat to this year's LIVE DRAFT!

If you want to be drafted, find Mr. Enfield or Mr. Rankin to get your name on the draft list!


Game 1: Tuesday, November 15th - Choice vs. Steamers