Wed., Feb. 7 Hitmen Choice 8-1 JSS
Mon., Feb. 12 Steamers Roughnecks 4-1 WG
Tues., Feb. 13 Choice Hitmen 1-3 CA/DB
Wed., Feb. 14 Roughnecks Steamers 3-5 MV
Wed., Feb. 21 Hitmen Steamers 3-4  
Tues., Feb. 27 Steamers Hitmen 4-5 AH
Wed., Feb. 28* Hitmen Steamers 5-0  
Thursday, March 1st
*if necessary


Love Cup History
2017/2018 Hitmen DEF Steamers
2016/2017 Roughnecks DEF Hitmen
2015/2016 Steamers DEF Choice
2014/2015 Choice DEF Steamers
2013/2014 Steamers DEF Choice
2012/2013 Hitmen DEF Roughnecks
2011/2012 Steamers DEF Roughnecks
2010/2011 Steamers DEF Choice
2009/2010 Steamers DEF Choice
2008/2009 Roughnecks DEF Choice
2007/2008 Hitmen DEF Roughnecks
2006/2007 Hitmen DEF Choice
2005/2006 Hitmen DEF Choice
2004/2005 Hitmen DEF Steamers
2003/2004 Steamers DEF Choice
2002/2003 Hitmen DEF Steamers
Mon., Feb. 5

Steamers 6 vs Choice 1 - Steamers head to playoffs with confidence.

Report by: J. Enfield

Steamers follow up last week's loss to Hitmen with a convincing win vs 4th place Choice. Despite snowy, slippery surface conditions, Irwin and his crew were able to move and pass with ease. Irwin scored several goals to bolster his bid for this season's Hutchinson Trophy. He mentions ITC that, while nice to have, his scoring title is only a biproduct of the Steamer's bid for the Love Cup.

Perhaps the most underrated player out there, Yanni was impressive again today and he earned the second game star. Like Watson, Yanni has a great hockey sense and has a knack for generating chances for his team.

Choice came with a full roster (minus Ploughman) and had some bright spots. Barkway was glove-less but back in the line-up. Mason continues to improve alongside Mr. Darvasi, and Cyrus has generated some true chemistry within his squad. Choice will be looking to upset Hitmen on Wednesday.

The regular season is now over. Bring on the real season: Playoffs 2018.

1st Star:Irwin
2nd Star:Yanni
3rd Star: Wood

Next Game: Wednesday - Hitmen vs Choice

Tues., Jan. 30

Hitmen 5 vs Steamers 3 - Powerhouse Hitmen take out Steamers and control 1st place.

Report by: J. Enfield

Hitmen dominate Steamers in their final regular season matchup and lock up first place going into the playoffs. Hepner, JSS, and the rest of the famed Big Red Machine seem to have it all figured out at this key point in the season. Experience matters and this veteran crew know that this is the time to peak and the time to connect as a team. Unlike their opponents, Hitmen have displayed remarkable chemistry thanks to consistent attendance. Back door passes, scripted rebound goals, and frequent communication are unique to Hitmen.

The Steamers were bouyed by their captain. Despite being outplayed throughout, Steamers held a first half 3-2 lead thanks to Irwin and his uncanny ability to score. Irwin may be impossible to stop but Hitmen don't care.

With Gane in net, Hitmen remained poised and rolled with the punches. Hitmen are skilled, strong, smart, and they adjust. Look out.

1st Star:Hepner
2nd Star: JSS
3rd Star: Irwin

Next Game: Monday - Steamers vs Choice

Mon., Jan. 29

Roughnecks 1 vs Choice 0 - (SO) Defense dominates in double shut-out.

Report by: J. Enfield

Goalies and defense dominated in the snow today. Choice featured another short Barkway-less bench and with Barkway scoring 80% of his team's points, it is no wonder they had a hard time getting on the board. Abbot went down with an ankle late in the first half which meant it was up to Mason, Nick, and Mr. Darvasi. The trio held there own defensively, giving Noe good opportunity to make the saves.

At the other end, Vassos was feeling a bit lonely. His crew was back from dogsledding and ready to go. They controled the game throughout but Noe and Choice D slammed the door.

The shootout went 10 rounds of course. There were plenty of goals in this one including beauties by Zach, Ryan, Mr. Darvasi, and Rorabek. In the end, it was Gross who netted another shootout game winner to add to his career tally.

The Necks are done for the regular season and done with Choice. They sit in third place and will be interested to see who they play in the first round.

1st Star:Gross
2nd Star: Noe
3rd Star: Dipierdominico

Next Game: Tuesday - Steamers vs Hitmen

Tues., Jan. 23

Hitmen 8 vs Roughnecks 0 - Old fashion blowout. Hitmen are on a roll

Report by: J. Enfield

Hitmen preyed on a Roughneck squad which took a big hit by grade ten absences. Anchored by the always-steady Vassos, the Necks were in over their heads versus a pumped up and peaking Hitmen offense.

Hitmen scorers went off today. A. Hepner had a monsterous game and connected multiple times with JSS. The duo have not lived up to expectations this season but it appears things are changing. A nice surprise for Hitmen was the work of Ryan B. They call him Brock and with his hattrick, the league should take notice of this added offensive dimension.

William also had a breakout game defensively. He won the ball on a few notable one-on-one battles in the snowbanks against the likes ofA. Hepner. According to William ITC, it is no big deal.

1st Star:A. Hepner
2nd Star: Brocklehurst
3rd Star: Gane

Next Game: Wednesday - Choice vs Hitmen

Mon., Jan. 22

Steamers 5 vs Choice 2 - Closer than expected! Steamers still didn't look worried.

Report by: J. Enfield

Steamers were licking their chops during the warm-up today as they peered at a team of 4 last place Choice players on the other side of the red line. While the math eventually worked out for the first place Steamers, they know now that Noe and Barkway are tough to manage in any circumstance.

Barkway almost scored from the slotwithin the first 10 seconds and he eventually did score in the first half to keep the game at 2-1 at the half. Abbot was in an aggressive mood which is just how Choice fans like him. He took full advantage of the pocketed referee whistles and threw his weight around in the snowbanks. Noe stood tall in the face of Steamers and the return of the feared, Wood.

Turnbull held things together for the surprised Steamer squad and allowed his offense to regain its composure. Eventually Irwin and Wood found the back of the net as we knew they would. Wood returned with a jaw-dropping dangle and snipe on the short side during the second half. There is really little to be done about moves like that.

These two are likely to meet again... in the playoffs.

1st Star:Turnbull
2nd Star: Wood
3rd Star: Barkway

Next Game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs Hitmen

Tues., Jan. 16

Roughnecks 2 vs Choice 1 (SO) - Tie game goes to Gross and Necks in the SO.

Report by: J. Enfield

Both teams hungry to stay out of the basement, this was was tight and intense. Choice came with a near-full roster including their two powerhouse teachers, Beatty & Darvasi. Necks were thin but welcomed Von Teichman and Rorabek in the second half.

Necks played controlled hockey throughout in their regular way. Gross, the captain of this offense set the stage over and over, but Noe held his ground. "When he sees it, he saves it" was the general consensus of the fans and BHL experts. He will be a major factor in this year's playoffs. Eventually though, O'Leary netted a blast that was too fast to see and Necks sat on top 1-0 for much of the first half.

Choice also played a typical Choice-esc style. Opportunistic hockey is their brand and they are not shy to admit it. Relying on a reliable goalie, they wait for a chance to pounce using their most dangerous weapon: Barkway. He did it in unusual fashion on this day - a ong shoot-in caught Vassos on the blocker, went straight up in the air and then plunked down with a back spin just between Vassos and the goal line. Tough one for Necks, but that is all part of Choice's game plan.

A shutout second half led to shootout. Deep into the rounds, Gross finally ended it for his 5th career shootout goal. They call him the clutch-kid.

1st Star:O'Leary
2nd Star: Barkway
3rd Star: Gross

Next Game: Wednesday - Roughnecks vs Hitmen

Mon., Jan. 15

Hitmen 4 vs Steamers 3 (SO) - Hitmen take down Steamers in game of the year!

Report by: J. Enfield

Hitmen displayed poise and intensity in a shootout victory over the league's top team. Hofer and Stephenson-Smith scored in the shootout and Gane manned the Hitmen net.

It looked dicey for Hitmen early thanks to Irwin's two quick goals on the short side within the first 5 mins. Spotting Steamers two cheap goals is not a recommended plan. Then Gane figured things out and played shutout hockey for all but the final minute of regulation. Late in the first half, Hitmen scored thier own cheapie thanks to shoot-in that deflected awkwardly and fooled Turnbull. Then Stephenson-Smith netted a beauty that made it 2-2 at the half.

After the break, goalies prevailed. No goals were scored despite back and forth offensive rushes and loads of high quality scoring chances. With 2 minutes to go, JSS finally solved Turnbull to take a 3-2 lead versus a tired four-man Steamer squad. Steamers are used to winning though and 40 seconds later they answered with a five-hole snipe from Watson who was barely open in the slot.

If this was a Love Cup preview, I can't wait for playoffs.

1st Star:Gane
2nd Star:Stephenson-Smith
3rd Star: Irwin

Next Game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs Choice

ITC with Gane

Wed., Jan. 10

Steamers 3 vs Roughnecks 0 - Steamers blank Roughnecks in retribution game.

Report by: J. Enfield

So far this year the Necks are the only team to beat the Steamers and the only team to find a way to score on Steamers. Turnbull and his crew made sure to stop that trend in a 3-0 shutout and dominant 3-on-3 victory.

Short on players but not in hussle the trio of Gross, Vassos, and O'Leary played the whole game. Several early chances in the first half did not materialize and the second half brought tired legs. M. Vassos held his own and featured a dramatic, sprawling save late in the second. The modest crowd in the snowbank bunkers went wild.

Fitz earned first start today in convincing fashion. His two goals and usual Fitz hussle was too much for Necks to handle. Turnbull's shutout was more than enough to earn him a second star and Irwin, as always, provided the intangible spark.

1st Star:Fitz
2nd Star:Turnbull
3rd Star: Irwin

Next Game: Monday - Steamers vs Hitmen

Tues., Jan. 9.

Hitmen 3 vs Choice 1 - Hitmen come through in snowy conditions.

Report by: J. Enfield

On a snowy, slippery tarmac Hitmen veterans adjusted and prevailed today. Modelled by Hoffer, the Hitmen were patient today. No goals scored until 25 seconds left in the first half felt like an advantage to Choice. In a battle of defense though, Hitmen are tough to beat. Just ask Hoffer who points out ITC that the true pride of his squad is their defensive scheme.

A large part of this effort came via Gane and Furnish. Barkway was slowed a little by the tarmac conditions, and all but stopped by these two defenders. Mid-way through the second half a strange white dog suddenly appeared on the sidelines and then abrubtly escaped his owner's grasp, heading for Howland. It was in that bazaar moment of inattention that Choice netted their only goal.

Rumour has it that this dog is owned by the Choice organization and that they are saving it for playoffs. Whatever it takes.

1st Star:Furnish
2nd Star:Hoffer
3rd Star: Barkway

Next Game: Wednesday - Steamers vs Roughnecks

Tues. Dec. 19, 2017


Legends, Immortals, Wannabes


Wannabes Roster
Irwin (C) Furnish (C)
M. Vassos (G) Barkway
Hoffer Stephenson-Smith
Gross Abbott
Watson Hepner
Wood Chapple
Mon., Dec. 18

Roughnecks 5 vs Steamers 3 - Necks hand Steamers first loss of season!


1st Star: Gross
2nd Star: Von Teichman
3rd Star: M. Vassos

Next Game: Tuesday - Wanabes vs Legends

Wed., Dec. 13

Steamers 4 vs Hitmen 0 - Hitmen blanked by Steamers in battle of 1 vs 2.

Report by: J. Enfield

In an earlier ITC, Irwin clearly indicated that he indends to win this season's Love Cup. After today's game it seems likely. Irwin himself earned top honours as number one star thanks in part to his hat trick. The bigger story is the Steamer defense - or at least defense through offense. Hitmen powerhouses Hepner, Hoffer, and Furnish could not generate any chances thanks to a skilled game of keep-away by the Steamer foursome. Steamers have allowed one goal in the last three games.

In his ITC interview Wood notes that Steamer passing is to blame for their success. He and Irwin are the most feared offensive duo in the league and they are only improving. To make matters worse for everyone else, Watson continues to thrive and made some impossible tape-to-tape passes today.

In a chilly end to their 2017, Hitmen will rest up and re-load over the holidays.

1st Star: Irwin
2nd Star: Wood
3rd Star: Furnish

Next Game: Monday - Steamers vs Roughnecks

Tues., Dec. 12

Choice 2 vs Roughnecks 2 - Noe earns shutout - Choice earns first W!

Report by J. Enfield

Today's first star and ITC interview go to rookie netminder, D. Noe. In fridged, icy conditions, Noe and his defense lit up the tarmac and dominated Roughneck forwards all game long. In the opposite net, Vassos was up to the task and faced considerably more shots than his counterpart.

Midway through the first half Barkway netted one for Choice in what was the game winner. He added a second in the second half. Barkway has had a monsterous week and his team is playing with a bit of a swagger. Today's Choice featured a formidable core of Dipierdominico, Abbott, Ploughman, Goodman, and Barkway. Backed by Noe, these guys are fast and exciting to watch!

1st Star: Noe
2nd Star: Barkway
3rd Star: Abbott

Next Game: Wednesday - Steamers vs Hitmen

Mon., Dec. 11

Hitmen 8 vs Choice 6 - Snow Game!

Report by: J. Irwin

The first snow game of the year game came with the first short-handed game of the year as Choice battled 3v3 with only 3 players and a goalie. Choice wasn't ready to give up on the game just yet as a possessed Barkway lead them to a thundering start where they lead by 3 at one point. The Hitmen had a very frustrating first half as they seemed to get very few good chances and those that they did get were quickly turned away by Noe. Despite having 2 extra subs the Hitmen looked exhausted out there as Barkway was able to run all around them en route to a 5 goal day.

The half changed everything for the Hitmen. Not only were they lead by some astounding plays by Furnish, but they also closed down defensively and were much better at creating chances. What seemed like an eventual upset was squashed away as Furnish dangled the entire Choice team to some amazing goals. When asked what happened at half to turn his team around, Furnish replied that he told them how disappointed he was in their play. That seemed to work as the Hitmen battled back to secure their 4th win of the season.

1st Star: Furnish
2nd Star: Barkway
3rd Star: Hoffer

Next Game: Tuesday - Roughnecks vs Choice

Wed., Dec. 6

Steamers 14 vs Roughnecks 2 - Unstopable?

Report by: M. Furnish

The Roughnecks were looking for a spark today after their heroic effort on Tuesday losing to the Hitmen 5-4, with Mike Vassos narrowly missing the net with 10 seconds to go. However, the Roughneck's defence was sliced up today by the Steamers. Goals are a usual occurrence for Irwin, but even he was surprised today at his scoring effiency today with 8 GOALS! Is that a record? Our statisticians will have to look back at the BHL Hall of Fame to further investigate... Anyways, Wood got a hat-trick with 5 assists, he's heating up folks. The highlight of the game for the Roughnecks was a dump-in goal from Mr. Fowler that slipped through Turnbull's pads, much to the chagrin of his brother Aidan who was in attendance. Could Ryan's slip-up today be a foreshadowing of what may happen in the playoffs later in the year? This goal was eerily similar to Ethan Kelly's blown save in 2015 during an OT Semifinals Game that sent the Steamers to the finals, which haunted the Hitmen for the whole offseason. In 7 days, we will see the Steamers have a real test against the powerful Hitmen, who arguably have the best defence in the league. This game was a fun one for the Steamers, but the Hitmen-Steamers result next Wednesday will determine who is in best mid-season form.

1st Star: Irwin
2nd Star: Wood
3rd Star: Chapple

Next Game: Monday - Hitmen vs Choice

Tues., Dec. 5

Hitmen 5 vs Roughnecks 4 - Battle to the bitter end.

Report by: J. Irwin

Many speculated a blowout when Necks starting goalie/captain M. Vassos was going to miss the start but temp captain Gross was determined to prove them wrong. The Roughnecks had some great chances to start off but where ultimately overpowered by the Hitmen who capitalized early despite Tessier playing great in net. Furnish and Hepner cause havoc for the Roughnecks to start and were threatening to run away with the game when the Vassos brothers and Von Teichman showed up late in the 1st. With subs now on the bench the Roughnecks looked like a completely different team. Instead of dumping the puck everytime, they were able to control the play and create scoring chances. At half the Necks elected to stay with their current goalie and let M. Vassos play shut down defense. Things seemed to pay off as they quickly erased the Hitmen lead with time still left. This game came down to the final seconds as the Roughnecks had possession behind the net with 10 seconds left. They were able to get the ball in front but the shot just missed the net as the time expired.

1st Star:Hepner
2nd Star: Gross
3rd Star:Von Teichman

Next Game: Wednesday - Steamers vs Roughnecks

Mon., Dec. 4

Steamers 8 vs Choice 0 - Steamers display power in impressive blowout.

Report by: M. Furnish

Although Choice lost to the Hitmen last week, it still felt they had gained some momentum coming close to toppling one of the most skilled defensive team's in the leaugue. Unfortunately for today, they were shut out by goalie Turnbull and offensive catalysts Irwin and Wood, who was making his injury comeback. The Steamers managed to shove 8 goals down Choice's throat with help from their Grade 10/11s, despite Noe's stellar goalie efforts. Irwin scored 2 as usual, with Wood dishing out 2 assists and contributing to the score with one goal. Another player who had a career game on Monday was Yanni. His holding and control of the backline of the Steamer's squad made it a lot easier for Turnbull to recieve the first shutout of the season. Tommorow's game is Roughnecks Vs. Hitmen. Stay tuned.


1st Star:Irwin
2nd Star: Turnbull
3rd Star:Yanni

Next Game: Tuesday - Hitmen vs Roughnecks

Thursday - 12:30

Toronto Police vs RSGCBHL All Stars! - Police challenge BHL to a lunchtime showdown!

VS. All Stars

Wed., Nov. 29

Steamers 8 vs Roughnecks 2 - Watson explodes with 5 goals to lift Steamers.

Report by: M. Furnish

The first three game week of the season was capped of with a Steamers-Roughnecks matchup that provided viewers of the game with excitement and awe. Watson, a young grade 10 on the Steamers made his presence known in the game today with a career game. He pocketed 5 goals, saying in his first ever In The Crease interview saying that, "I contribute my success to the Roughnecks sloppy defense, Vassos is actually a pretty good goalie." Let's see if he can continue on the same track next Monday when they play an up and coming Team Choice. Irwin played his usual today racking up 3 goals and 3 assists respectively, further separating himself from the rest of the league stats-wise. On the Roughnecks side, Gross scored twice while Nick Vassos got into the mix with 2 apples. The Steamers have their first back-to-back game slot of the season, lets see if they can remain undefeated.

1st Star:Watson
2nd Star: Irwin
3rd Star: Gross

Next Game: Thursday (lunch)- RSGCBHL vs Police

Tues., Nov. 28

Hitmen 4 vs Choice 1 - Choice keeps it close.

Report by: J. Irwin

Going into the game Hitmen were the clear favourites to win. While those predictions did hold, it was much closer than expected. Much of that success can be due to the debut of Barkway who was left off the score sheet but impacted the game greatly and gave his team a fighting chance. As well Noe was almost unbeatable today only allowing three goals on a fierce Hitmen offense. Great save after great save earned him the second star. Mr. Darvasi also made his debut today and could be heard dreaming about earning his first BHL goal this season before the game. Mr. Darvasi ended up picking the ball up at half and raced towards the Hitmen net. Doing what he had been telling his team to do all game he shot and the ball snuck its way between Gane's pads. Hitmen had big showings from Hepner (1G, 2A) and Jamie SS (2G) who showed why they might be the best scoring duo in the league. Expect big things from the new-look Choice in the coming games!

1st Star:A. Hepner
2nd Star: Noe
3rd Star: Stephenson-Smith

Next Game: Wednesday - Steamers vs Roughnecks

Mon., Nov. 27

Steamers 4 vs Hitmen 2 - Heavyweight battle!

Report by: J. Enfield

The battle of the 1-and-0s was as close and as exciting as advertised. To the surprise of many BHL experts, Steamers skillfully controlled Hitmen to take game one of the season-long rivalry.

Irwin and his crew scored a goal in the opening minute to set the tone. Young Turnbull was somehow unintimidated by Hitmen firepower and by the fact that he was today's only grade nine on the tarmac. Late in the first half, Hitmen were pressing hard but Turnbull kept the game tied and kept the Hepners frustrated.

The 2-2 halftime score held until Watson netted a cheeky pass fro Irwin in what was the game winning goal. To be sure, Hitmen did not play poorly today. Furnish and Gane controll their end and break-out like no one else in the league. Big Hepner scored and threatened many other times. Steamers played tight defense and seemed to get a stick on every Hitmen stretch pass, centering attempt, or shot. The new partnership of Fitz and Chapple is interesting to say the least. This dynamic duo is set to do some damage this season.

1st Star: Irwin
2nd Star: A. Hepner
3rd Star: Turnbull

Next Game: Tuesday - Hitmen.vs Choice

Wed., Nov. 22

Roughnecks 8 vs Choice 1 - Choice fall again.

Report by: J. Irwin

Right off the whistle, Choice look determined to fight their way to victory. Captain Abbot sent one past Vassos off the feed from rookie grade 12 Goodman. Unfortunately for Choice, The Roughnecks responded in demoralizing fashion. Right after the ball dropped the Roughnecks couldn't be stopped as they stomped their way to a 7-1 half while keeping the ball in the offensive zone for most of it. Something clicked for Choice coming out of the half whether it was something Abbot said or Plougman coming to play. What seemed to be a blowout win became a close 1-0 half as Choice bounced back. Noe made key saves and the Choice had great offensive plays only to be stopped by Vassos. Credit is due to the grade 10 duo of Von Teichman and Gross who combined for 7 points. Von Teichman put 2 in while also dishing out 2 while Gross had a very "Rylan Davis-like" stat line of 3 goals 0 assists.

1st Star: Von Teichman
2nd Star: Gross
3rd Star: Clark

Next Game: Monday - Hitmen.vs Steamers

Tues., Nov. 21

Steamers 13 Choice 2 - Steamers take it to Choice in game 1.

Report by: M. Furnish

After a full week break from the season-opener, Choice and Steamers looked eager to get their own seasons underway after having to wait for the always-fun Mistletoe Market to finish up. It was a sunny day, and it looked like the Steamers were already in mid-season form. Wood made his re-appearance in the ball hockey leauge after a 1 year hiatus and it looked like he hadn't skipped a beat. He sniped four goals in 10 minutes while Irwin dished out 4 assists, pocketing 2 goals of his own. Mr. Fitz also got into the mix with 3 goals along with rookie Chapple making his debut adding 2 goals to the tally. It wasn't all to bad for Choice, as Ploughman showed high potential with his speedy shot release, getting 1 goal and rookie Levinski proving himself as one of the top-tier Grade 9 defenders. Choice have back-to-back game days, facing the Roughnecks tommorow who have been on a 7-day break. Lets hope they get some rest and are prepared for tommorow.

1st Star:Irwin
2nd Star:Chapple
3rd Star:Fitzpatrick

Next Game: Wednesday - Roughnecksvs. Choice

Wed., Nov. 15

Hitmen 6 Roughnecks 1 - Hitmen seek revenge against Roughnecks!

Report by: J. Irwin

Hitmen picked up right were they left off last year as one of the most feared teams in the league. The veteran team started off slowly in terms of scoring but quickly picked up their game to keep the pressure in the Roughnecks zone. The Hepner duo made a splash this game scoring 2 each while Furnish netted the other 2. Jamie SS was outstanding in his own way assisting on half of the Hitmen goals. The Hitmen are on a mission to win the love cup this year and it seems that the defending champs didn't have an answer for them.

The Roughnecks did have something to cheer about though. Vassos was all over the place making save after save while continuously frustrating the Hitmen offense. As well new star defenceman Mr. O'Leary had a fantastic debut/return sniping one past grade 12 rookie netminder Will HW in the dying minutes to break the shutout.

1st Star: Will Hepner
2nd Star: Jamie Stephenson-Smith
3rd Star:Furnish

Next Game: Tuesday - Steamers vs. Choice

Wed., Nov. 9

2017 Draft Day

Get to ketchum early to grab a front row seat to this year's LIVE DRAFT!

If you want to be drafted, find Mr. Enfield or Mr. Rankin to get your name on the draft list!

Game 1: Wednesday, November 15th - Hitmen vs. Roughnecks

Wed., Nov. 9

2017 Preseason

Preseason lunch pickup! All are welcomed!

Fri., Nov. 3
Mon., Nov. 6
Tues., Nov 7

Game 1: Wednesday, November 15th - Hitmen vs. Roughnecks